Caltex Shell

Aug 31, 2010 |

Sa Loob ng Swimming Pool

Aug 26, 2010 |
swimming pool
Bawal po ang kumain at manigarilyo sa loob ng swimming pool

Sorry for the Inconvinience

Aug 21, 2010 |
inconvenienceTo all valued customers,
Sorry for the inconvinience due to the insufficient supply of the mall's centralized airconditioning. Thank you for baring with us.....


Aug 18, 2010 |
reflexologyReflexsology - Hula
Gamot sa pasmadong ugat
Baradong ugat high blood
Rayuma Atrites Benat
Helot ng pilay taas
Ng matres - hanapen si
myrna 598 damka harap
nang chapel huwebes hang
ang linggo

Parking Eria

Aug 16, 2010 |
parking areaParking Eria 4 Rent

Biodivercity is Life

Aug 13, 2010 |

Dindan Dindan

Aug 11, 2010 |
footballWhen the machine be" SHAKE", You'll hear "Dindan Dindan " ERROR
sound. All function stop. NO REFUND TOKENS.Thank You!
Football Latino

Guest the Name

Aug 7, 2010 |
guess the name


Aug 2, 2010 |
First frog to cross
Hit the lit 'push butt
Frog run the race
The buttons. The faste
The first player to hit th
Will cause their fro
Special bonuses are given
One Player
Winner 5 tickets
Looser 1 ticket

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